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What you buy and how it’s produced, makes a difference. Started by a mother-daughter team, Clear Givings is a One Stop Eco Shop with a unique selection of eco-friendly, organic, and fair-trade products where consumers can shop ethically while building towards a brighter future. Our mission is to connect consumers seeking high quality goods to ethically-minded companies.

We heard this time and time again: people simply didn’t have the time or energy to research companies’ ethical standards before making a purchase. Clear Givings solves this issue because our team carefully vets all of our partners. You can shop confidently for all your home, beauty, and health needs on our One Stop Eco Shop. It’s true peace of mind to know your hard earned dollars are supporting eco-conscious companies and a brighter future. Clear Givings is passionate about partnering with ethically minded companies intent on doing the
right thing for society and the planet. We require products to be made with organic materials and ingredients so we can provide the high quality our customers deserve. Our brand partners are committed to environmentally sustainable practices and support community development.

In short, our mission is to help our fellows to make the world a brighter and healthier place. We are so grateful for our community and look forward to welcoming you into the family.

That small, local charities around the world make a significant and heart warming difference in the lives of people who need help. At ClearGivings.org, your donations and your purchases help make our world a better place. Thank you so much for being a wonderful part of this important and necessary crusade.


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